Connecting with Ouranos, Gaia, and Pontus

So a while ago I was thinking about grounding exercises and how they often focus on connecting specifically to the element of earth, or use a four element system (five if you count spirit). While the concept of the four elements is fundamentally Greek there was also the understanding that the world was divided into three powers, Sky, Land, and Sea – Ouranos, Gaia, and Pontus. As a result of this train of thought I sat down over the course of several lunch breaks and wrote up different meditations with the goal of connecting to these powers.


Go somewhere you can see the sky largely unimpeded by buildings. It doesn’t matter what the weather is so long as you are comfortable. Sit down in a position you will be comfortable in for a reasonable period of time. Look up at the sky. What color is it? Are there clouds? What kind of clouds are they? Notice everything else in the sky but don’t focus on it. Focus instead on the sky itself, and focus on the air around you.
Close your eyes and feel the air moving. Note the temperature and how it changes when the wind blows across you. Notice any sounds or scents the wind carries with it. Feel the wind filling and exiting your lungs as you inhale and exhale. Your breath connects you to Ouranos. Take several deep breaths, feeing your chest rise and fall with each one.
Open your eyes and again explore the vast dome of the sky above you. There are things to be seen even in an empty sky. Think about the stars, hidden by the light of the sun but still present, the way the color of the sky shifts as the sun makes its path across, the way a total covering of clouds shifts in the air currents, find something to explore. Keep focusing on your breathing and close your eyes again.
Imagine yourself as a bird. Feel the air currents under your wings. Notice what is below you, notice how high up you are. Imagine what it feels like to almost be part of the sky, your wings holding you apart from the world below. Explore that connection to Ouranos, and hold onto it. It is part of you as well.


Go outside and walk barefoot across the ground. Find somewhere you can comfortably sit for a reasonable period of time. Settle yourself on the ground. Pay attention to how it shifts beneath you as you move. Look around you; is the ground dry or damp or muddy, is it covered with grass and plants or is it bare and rocky? Explore the area, are there any animals or insects nearby? Are there any people? Notice them, but pay attention to the earth below you.
Close your eyes and feel the ground below you. Lay down if it helps you feel more connected. Notice how the ground feels against your skin. Notice the way your body presses against it. Explore those points of contact in your mind. Your body connects you to Gaia. Shift your body however feels comfortable, make whatever movements you need to to to explore that connection.
Open your eyes and again explore your surroundings. What plants grow here? What animals do you see and hear? What are you sharing this space with? Find something to focus on and explore how it connects to the earth. Continue to move your body however you need to and close your eyes again.
Imagine yourself as a plant. Feel your roots cradles in the earth, drawing nutrients and water from it. Imagine how it feels to be partially submerged and sheltered in the earth and reaching for the sun. Explore that connection to Gaia, and hold onto it. It is part of you as well.


Sit near a body of water of any size, this can be anything from a lake, to a bathtub, to a glass of water. Make yourself comfortable and notice how the light in the water changes as your perspective changes. Notice what colors and shapes are reflected in the water. Is it clear, murky, silt-laden? Is there anything floating in it? What surrounds the water? Notice these things, but keep your focus on the water.
Close your eyes and listen to the sound the water makes. Pay attention to the smell of it, the feel of it on your skin if you can. Notice the way I moved, framed by the solidity if the world around it. Think about how it compares to the blood in your veins. Your blood connects you to Pontus. Focus on the beat of your heart, and envision your veins and arteries as rivers and streams.
Open your eyes again and observe the water before you. Let your mind catch on the way the light reflects off of it. Let your mind get lost in the way the images refract in it. Find some element of it to focus on and explore the flow of the water. Keep your mind on your heartbeat and close your eyes again.
Imagine yourself as a fish or other aquatic animal. Feel the way your body is surrounded by the water. Imagine the feeling of being as part of the water, feel the currents that surround you, explore them, follow them as feels right to you. Explore that connection to Pontus, and hold onto it. It is part of you as well.

These can be expanded on or shortened as you see fit. The idea here is to provide you with a framework for connecting to these energies.

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