Prayers for Protestors

I find myself in a difficult situation right now. What I want to be doing is taking to the streets with my community to help raise up the voices that our power structures ignore, but I’m also helping to raise a small human who needs all of their adults present. I’m doing what I can in lieu of being physically present, like donating to bail funds and other groups supporting protestors, supporting those few political candidates I feel will make a difference, and offering first aid supplies to my friends in my area who are attending the protests. I can also offer up prayers and requests for protestors and those that support them. I hate the “thoughts and prayers” people, which is why this is the last thing on my list of what I’m doing to help.

To Ares

I call to Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, God of war and combat.

Ares I ask you to hold your shield over those who take to the streets to protect the lives and freedoms of all those in our community,

Keep them safe from the misused force of those who claim to “keep the peace.”

Keep them solid and steady so they may not be knocked to the ground.

Help them hold the line agains the oppressive force of their opponents.

To Eris

I call to Eris, daughter of Zeus and Hera, Goddess of Chaos, the disruptor of toxic structures.

Eris, I ask you to bring chaos and disorder to the ranks of those whose hubris blinds them to human lives.

Tangle their communications, disrupt their plans.

Sew disruption in their ranks and between their leaders.

Tear down the structures they have built so we can start anew.

#blacklivesmatter #saytheirname #whichone

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