Black Lives Matter Isn’t A Summer Project

Wonderful bought by one of my sisters. Listen to her voice.

Treasury of Apollon

Protest image found via Google.

I’ve been vacillating for over two weeks, trying to decide if I was going to write this post. Ultimately, it isn’t something I can continue to go on without saying, so…

This is a letter to my people, Black people, within the various polytheist communities, but especially those of us within the Hellenic Polytheistic communities.

I know you are watching, just as I am watching, all of these white individuals and white-led groups in their mad scramble to be the most Black-Lives-Matter-adjacent. I know that it can appear so wonderful to see these people doing the absolute minimum work in the defense of Black life, because we’ve spent so many years being overlooked, insulted, and silenced by these very same white individuals and groups. But they don’t get cookies for being basic, because what they’re doing now, is the most basic of all empathetic human…

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